From the Vault: Richard Swift: “Lady Luck”

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Richard Swift

I understand that with the sheer amount of music coming out, plenty will fall through the cracks and be forgotten. Still, it amazes me how musicians like Richard Swift haven’t experienced more mainstream success. As my buddy Chad would say, Swift has his hands in many soups. Singer, songwriter, filmmaker, and multi-instrumentalist, Swift is at his best when singing self-deprecating love songs (although his experimental work as Instruments of Science and Technology is worth a listen as well).

“Lady Luck” is the last song from his 2009 full-length, The Atlantic Ocean. It works more of a Frankie Valli feeling than Swift’s usual Nilsson vibe, which might be why it was stuck on the end of the album. Either way, the track is fantastic and the album is solid.

The Atlantic Ocean is out now on CD/LP via Secretly Canadian

“Lady Luck”


The Fresh & Onlys – Secret Walls EP and Bloomington Show!

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Secret Walls Cover

The Fresh & Onlys are a garagey psych-rock outfit from San Francisco fronted by the prolific and awesome Tim Cohen. Their newest EP, Secret Walls is a more laid-back release, more reminiscent of Cohen’s solo work than a Fresh & Onlys album. That being said, it is solid. Solid like a rock. All five songs are catchy as hell and make you want to kiss girls.

“Do You Believe in Destiny” from Secret Walls

Secret Walls is available April 26 on CD/LP via the amazing Sacred Bones

Part 2 of this mega-post!

The Fresh & Onlys
Fresh & Onlys

Fresh & Onlys are playing tonight in Bloomington, IN! They are playing with Young Prisms, who had a great EP on Mexican Summer a few years back.

The info via Facebook event:

Fresh & Onlys
Young Prisms
The Native Young
@ The Bishop
Thursday, April 14
$8 day of show

Albums You May Have Missed: Dax Riggs – Say Goodnight to the World

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Say Goodnight to the World album cover

Dax Riggs is a guy that has been around forever in different bands. Formerly fronting Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, and Deadboy & The Elephantmen, last year Riggs put out a solo album, Say Goodnight to the World, and it is awesome. He seems to be one of those guys that is well known in some circles but completely unknown in others, which is a shame because SGTTW is a great blend of sludge, blues, and Stooges-esque rock ‘n roll. I have described the album to people as apocalyptic blues rock.

The album features an Elvis cover, “Heartbreak Hotel,” which is much creepier than the original. Here is “Let Me Be Your Cigarette,” one of the more Stoogey songs on the album, played live at a Hearya Live Session in 2010.

Dax Riggs – “Let Me Be Your Cigarette” – HearYa Live Session 8/20/10 from on Vimeo.

It’s a shame that Fat Possum never released the album on vinyl but they are trying their best down there in Oxford, Mississippi.
Say Goodnight to the World is out now via Fat Possum

Moon Duo – Mazes

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Moon Duo Mazes

Moon Duo is Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada. They are from the moon, or San Francisco, or Colorado. Maybe Berlin, since that is where this record was made. Mazes is less spacey than any Wooden Shjips album, but it’s not exactly down to earth. Underneath it all, the album is guitar driven and more accessible than their previous releases.

Moon Duo
Oh those crazy kids

Recommended for space rock junkies and psych lovers. I also recommend checking out their previous Sacred Bones release, Killing Time.

Mazes is out now via Sacred Bones

Check out “Mazes” from Mazes

Name Change! Content Change!

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This page used to be called IndianaIndieIntern. As I grew older, got hired, and ceased to be an intern, I also ceased work on the site. After making some changes in philosophy and layout, the site will become something new and different. I am fortunate enough to have 2 jobs that allow me to constantly be in tune with the music world, so hopefully I can help point people toward music they will enjoy.

I am keeping the old posts intact because some bands I covered don’t really have the web coverage they deserve, and I don’t want to take that away from them. Also, it is nostalgic for me to look at the pictures and remember the dumb things I did when I was 21. Sure, I’m only 23 but 21 feels like forever ago.

Against the Void is a title that describes the philosophy of the music that I hope to be posting. Countless times I have heard that 2011 is the worst year for music, only after dethroning 2010, which bested (worsted?) 2009. Of course, this is all in reference to the financial state of the “music industry.” While finances are important, I don’t believe they are everything. Bands continue to make great music and chuck it at a fractured population of music enthusiasts. I hope to shine light on some of that music. I was thinking about naming the blog Kicking Against the Pricks but the Bible/Nick Cave reference seemed a little weird and antagonistic to build a blog around. Thanks for reading.

From Spiked Boots to Toy Pianos: How the rise of the Internet has changed what it means to be indie

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The February 2010 edition of Paste Magazine features a black cover with the question, “Is Indie Dead?” in bold red letters.  The cover is an homage to the iconic 1966 Time Magazine cover that reads, “Is God Dead?”  Inside, John T. Elson’s controversial article studied the history and philosophy of religion and atheism.  In 1966, America was facing a cultural crossroads of sorts with almost half a million troops in Vietnam and race riots at home.  With its cover and subsequent ten-page article, Paste Magazine questions the cultural implications of the term “indie.”  Now that a Grizzly Bear song can appear in a Volkswagon commercial or a Bon Iver song in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, it seems as though the world of independent music is at a crossroads as well.

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