This page used to be called IndianaIndieIntern. As I grew older, got hired, and ceased to be an intern, I also ceased work on the site. After making some changes in philosophy and layout, the site will become something new and different. I am fortunate enough to have 2 jobs that allow me to constantly be in tune with the music world, so hopefully I can help point people toward music they will enjoy. Against the Void is a title that describes the philosophy of the music that I hope to be posting. Countless times I have heard that 2011 is the worst year for music, only after dethroning 2010, which bested (worsted?) 2009. Of course, this is all in reference to the financial state of the “music industry.” While finances are important, I don’t believe they are everything. Bands continue to make great music and chuck it at a fractured population of music enthusiasts. I hope to shine light on some of that music. I was thinking about naming the blog Kicking Against the Pricks but the Bible/Nick Cave reference seemed a little weird and antagonistic to build a blog around. Thanks for reading.

Contact: david@againstthevoid.com

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