Albums You May Have Missed: Dax Riggs – Say Goodnight to the World

Say Goodnight to the World album cover

Dax Riggs is a guy that has been around forever in different bands. Formerly fronting Acid Bath, Agents of Oblivion, and Deadboy & The Elephantmen, last year Riggs put out a solo album, Say Goodnight to the World, and it is awesome. He seems to be one of those guys that is well known in some circles but completely unknown in others, which is a shame because SGTTW is a great blend of sludge, blues, and Stooges-esque rock ‘n roll. I have described the album to people as apocalyptic blues rock.

The album features an Elvis cover, “Heartbreak Hotel,” which is much creepier than the original. Here is “Let Me Be Your Cigarette,” one of the more Stoogey songs on the album, played live at a Hearya Live Session in 2010.

Dax Riggs – “Let Me Be Your Cigarette” – HearYa Live Session 8/20/10 from on Vimeo.

It’s a shame that Fat Possum never released the album on vinyl but they are trying their best down there in Oxford, Mississippi.
Say Goodnight to the World is out now via Fat Possum


~ by masterodisaster on April 14, 2011.

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