Woven Hand at Russian Recording – 10 October 2009


It’s taken me a while to post these pictures, but I saw Woven Hand at Russian Recording last Saturday evening and it was awesome. Every bit as scary and epic as the last time I saw him. I saw Woven Hand at South By Southwest this year, and my pictures from that concert are up as part of my coverage here. Katie and I covered this concert for The Live Buzz in this post.

Originally published on The Live Buzz, October 11, 2009:


Those who attended the Woven Hand show on Saturday night at Russian Recording were kicked in the face by a set that was both terrifying and entrancing.

Always at the peak of intensity when performing live, the brainchild of Woven Hand, David Eugene Edwards, showed why he is known for putting on intense concerts. It was hard to believe that the music being played was Christian. Unlike most “Christian music,” Edwards seems to be obsessed with the power that god wields, and less concerned with his penchant for forgiveness. People forget that the Old Testament has plenty of war, murder, and contains a god that enjoys punishing those who cross him. Woven Hand likes to remind people.

Edwards is also known for his use of antique instruments

Despite his frightening demeanor, it was impossible to take my eyes off of Edwards. His intense eyes and bulging veins commanded the attention of the audience. I can’t recall the last time I went to a concert that was so dark and serious, and honestly it was a great change of pace from the indie pop that Bloomington is known for. The bass lines provided the undercurrent for Edwards’ folk melodies and slide guitar. Leaning heavily on his whammy bar, he pushed the bridge of his Gretsch Tennessee Rose to the limit.


Woven Hand cemented the dark gloom that had fallen over the concert by ending the night with a cover of “Heart and Soul” by Joy Division. Let me just say, my life was exponentially better afterward.

This is the picture Katie took and she told me to include it (I also dig his boots)


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