Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy Review

Hello all,

Kurt Vile is coming to Bloomington on Monday and I will be covering the concert for The Live Buzz. Here is a review I wrote of his new album, posted originally on the Live Buzz. As a general rule, most of the things I do now will appear there first and then I will post them here. Should be a kickass show!

Childish Prodigy album cover

One part Nick Drake fingerpicking and another part Rolling Stones rock ‘n’ roll swagger, Kurt Vile’s Childish Prodigy is a psychedelic pop album that hearkens back to drug-addled days of yore. Maybe better known for playing lead guitar in indie rock outfit The War on Drugs, Vile also put out a few solo albums on smaller indie labels before signing to Matador this year.

Trying to review Childish Prodigy without mentioning a myriad of artistic influences is nearly impossible, but it is an ode to Vile’s creativity that he can incorporate so many small shreds from numerous sources and craft something if not entirely unique, then at least something that is genuine and entertaining. It is hard to hone in on the lyrics through the haze of reverb, but they sink in after a few listens. Foot-stompers like “Freak Train” recall The War on Drugs, and the opening track, “Hunchback,” sounds like Mick Jagger auditioning for T. Rex.

The album is a dreamy, lo-fi ride that has its ups and downs, but mostly stays in the clouds. Not bad for a kid from Philly who dropped out of community college to record in his bedroom.

Take a free listen:

Hunchback MP3

Overnite Religion MP3

Here’s the show info:
Kurt Vile and The Violators
Monday, October 12
@ The Video Saloon
$8 adv/$10 door

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