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Bloomington, Indiana is a great town for music. We all know this. Plenty of bands come through and there are countless great bands that play here or have gotten their starts playing here. With all the talent that resides here it was inevitable that a plethora of record labels would spring up. The most prominent of these labels are Secretly Canadian, Jagjaguwar, and Dead Oceans. These labels are run by the best people in the world (bias?) and they sign some great acts.

But what about the local acts?

Labels like Crossroads of America Records cater to great local bands, like husband&wife.

Believe it or not, smaller outfits do exist.


One of these outfits is In the Fridge Records. Recently founded by two Indiana University students, the record label exists to promote their own work and the work of a few local/regional acts.

In the Fridge Records was started by sophomores Michael Squeri and Taylor Peters. Obviously this is a small operation. I have to give them credit though. I am a college student myself and I know how tight money can be. They have signed a few acts, the most prominent being Eric Radoux, who plays a lot around town.

Eric Radoux
Eric Radoux

I have seen him play about 1000 instruments and he is a talented guy. Nicole over at HipsterSpinster did a profile on him, so check it out if you haven’t seen/heard him.

I’m interested to see what materializes from this label. It’s always nice to support local business and music, especially at a time when venues like The Cinemat and Jazz at the Station are shutting down. Also, they are nice guys who have good music taste. We like to see good people win, right?

Joshua Kraus from the IDS Weekend wrote a better story on this than I did.


~ by masterodisaster on March 6, 2009.

One Response to “In the Fridge Records”

  1. wow, i didn’t expect a little label to actually have this good of music on it.
    Definitely following these guys!

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