From the Vault: NiN, Bauhaus, and TV on the Radio Perform Together

Trent Reznor in the studio with Peter Murphy

This week, Trent Reznor revealed the tour dates with Jane’s Addiction that he had been only hinting at previously. According to his Twitter, there will be another big announcement tonight.

Edit: The announcement is that Street Sweeper, a collaboration between Tom Morello (of Rage Against the Machine/The Nightwatchman fame) and Boots Riley (The Coup) will be joining the tour. This will be brilliant.

In celebration of this epic news I’ve decided to reward all my faithful readers with one of my favorite album/bootleg/concerts. It’s called “Where Darkness Doubles, Where Light Pours In.” Most people have probably heard of Nine Inch Nails, TV on the Radio, and hopefully Bauhaus (they’re a little too old school for some people), but I assume most people don’t know that they toured together back in 2006. Still, even less know that they recorded some songs together while on tour. According to the songs were recorded at 99X in Atlanta, DC101 in Washington DC, WAAF in Boston and Q101 in Chicago.

I’m not sure which songs were recorded where and who exactly plays on each track, but I think every song on here is covered quite well. They play songs by Nine Inch Nails, Bauhaus, TV on the Radio, Joy Division, Iggy Pop, and The Normal. The songs are dark, as would be expected from all parties involved, and hearing Peter Murphy from Bauhaus sing Nine Inch Nails songs is great. He adds new flavor and emotion to them.


“Where Darkness Doubles, Where Light Pours In” tracklisting:

1. Head Like a Hole
2. Sanity Assassin
3. Hurt
4. Dreams
5. Final Solution
6. Bela Lugosi’s Dead
7. Reptile
8. Warm Leatherette
9. Strange Kind of Love
10. Nightclubbing
11. Dead Souls
12. Twenty Four Hours
13. Warsaw
14. Atmosphere
15. The Day the World Went Away
16. Hurt (alternate take)

Note that there are a bunch of different versions of this floating around, so if you decide to procure it from elsewhere you will get different tracklistings, etc.


Leave me comments if you like it or if the link doesn’t work. I’ve never used Mediafire before.

~ by masterodisaster on March 5, 2009.

One Response to “From the Vault: NiN, Bauhaus, and TV on the Radio Perform Together”

  1. Any chance you could upload this again? I saw NiN and Bauhaus minus TV on the Radio (got Peaches instead) and it was amazing, so I can’t even imagine how this is.

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