Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Zach Hill Team Up

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

and then add some…

Zach Hill

And then you get…

El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez is the band’s name. It is a collaboration between The Mars Volta‘s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Zach Hill from Hella. The album will be called Cryptomnesia, and is supposedly the first in a series of three. The info comes from the ever-so-dedicated people over at The Comatorium.

Hmmm…so it sounds, “stripped-down and aggressive, with Hill’s presence injecting a dose of chaos and inertia.” And the album features vocals from Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala on 8 of the 11 tracks.


Didn’t there used to be a band kind of like the Mars Volta…but more stripped down and aggressive?

Well I’m excited. The album is due out officially on May 5, but there will be a limited release on April 18th for Record Store Day – here is the tracklist (converted from the eye-damaging caps lock on The Comatorium).

1. Tuberculoids
2. Half Kleptos
3. Cryptomnesia
4. They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara
5. Puny Humans
6. Shake Is for 8th Graders
7. Noir
8. Paper Cunts
9. Elderly Pair Beaten with Hammer
10. Warren Oates
11. Fuck Your Mouth


~ by masterodisaster on March 3, 2009.

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