Somebody Is Turning 3 Tomorrow!

Landlocked's Birthday Cake

Landlocked is turning 3 Tomorrow!

Smiles and kisses and streamers and all that good stuff.

But seriously, this is a great milestone for an awesome local business. Go out and buy some stuff from them. There will be festivities!

From Facebook:

“On March 3rd, Landlocked Music will be celebrating our 3rd birthday party. Thats 3 on 3/3 – like, WHOA. We are not sure what crazy majickal numerology will come into play, but there is only one way to find out!

Instead of asking for gifts, we are going to give YOU presents… We are lining up all kinds of goodies – all you have to do is come into Landlocked on Tuesday, March 3rd and make a purchase and you are instantly eligible to put your name into our hat for the drawing.

And if you make music themed treats for us… you’re automatically eligible for prizes! I’m thinkin a chocolate sheet cake with Iggy riding the audience smearing REAL peanut butter icing all over himself…. gross? maybe, but it would still be awesome to see! Or how about a banana icing Velvet Underground cake? Mmmmm.

Prizes from Soma Coffeehouse, Laughing Planet, Asthmatic Kitty Records, Plan 9 Video, Bloodshot Records, Boxcar Books and MORE!”

It’s also Katie from the IDS Live Buzz‘s birthday tomorrow so spam her inbox!


~ by masterodisaster on March 2, 2009.

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