husband&wife Dark Dark Woods Release Show at The Cinemat Tomorrow!

husband&wife @The Cinemat

Well, it finally happened! husband&wife released their album Dark Dark Woods on Crossroads of America Records this week and the tracks I have heard sound great.

husband&wife at WIUX (6 of 10)

I love husband&wife and on Monday I spent some time in the WIUX studio with Tim and Will on Nicole O’Neal’s Indieana Unsigned show. They kicked back in the studio to listen and talk about their old records and the upcoming (now released) album. It was a fun time watching them cringe at their old recordings, which sounded mighty good to me. The rest of the pictures from the studio are up on Flickr

husband&wife at WIUX (5 of 10)

The show is at The Cinemat with Morrow and The Delicious. The rest of the information is on the show poster (well designed I must add!). I’m excited to hear the new album, which will be given out with the purchase of a ticket.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow they have a few videos posted on their site. But this one is so good I will post it here:

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Edit: husband&wife will be at WIUX again today (Friday) from 4-6pm – listen at


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  1. […] A friend of mine stopped by to take some photos of the event, you can find them here! […]

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