The Weekend in Review – 22 February 2009

And what a week/weekend it was…The Cinemat closes down, Dinosaur Jr. signs to JagJaguwar, I got my EEE PC working (ok so maybe that is only exciting to me). Anyway, there was lots of stuff going down in Bloomington so this is only a slice…

Prayer Breakfast

NOISE went well on Thursday. I only got pictures of The Broderick and Prayer Breakfast (on Nyquil!), but they both put on a good show. Check my Flickr for the rest of the pictures.

Friday I went to the Mahjongg show but did not end up seeing Mahjongg. I saw Golden Birthday before everything was shut down for about a half hour (or so I hear). When An Albatross played The Cinemat the same thing happened. Shut down for some comedian (I heard it was a meeting this time) lots of people left and missed a great show. The Funny Bone is right upstairs and heaven forbid the kids’ loud rock and roll interfere with people telling jokes. I ended up leaving and having a minor run-in with Johnny Law before calling it a night.

Blk Jks 21 February 2009  (6 of 38)
Blk Jks

Saturday night the Blk Jks TORE UP The Statehouse. I caught some of The French & Indian War before Blk Jks and they sounded good. The Blk Jks took about an hour to set up but oh well, they kicked some ass. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, and man am I glad they signed with SC. There’s more pictures of them up on my Flickr. Oh, and Deer Tick played as well…but following the Blk Jks was unfortunate for them.

It was a pretty bad week for music considering the closing of The Cinemat and the fall of Touch and Go Records.

But there were some good shows and good times so what more can you ask for?

PS: Dead Prez at the Buskirk and Zero Boys in Indy next week!

~ by masterodisaster on February 22, 2009.

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