Deer Tick moved to The Statehouse + Blk Jks

Well it sucks that The Cinemat is out of commission but it is good that the Deer Tick show on Saturday will be going on…and now it has a more beefy lineup. Now the show is:

Deer Tick


Blk Jks

Spirit of ’68 Presents…

w/ The French & Indian War (aka Eric Deines and co.)
@ The Statehouse (321 E. Wylie)
Saturday February 21
all ages

The Blk Jks are a band from South Africa that just signed with Secretly Canadian. I actually haven’t heard them yet but I have heard from a trusted source that they are excellent. RIP Cinemat, but hellooooooooo Statehouse!
PS: Please don’t be afraid to attend because this is now a house show. It will be awesome and the house is NOT hard to find at all.

Edit: Got the Blk Jks EP from SCD (lots of abbreviations ftw!) and it is excellent. Pick it up/go to the show.


~ by masterodisaster on February 18, 2009.

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