Karl Blau – Nature’s Got Away

Nature's Got Away

Washington based singer-songwriter Karl Blau has been making albums for over a decade now, and has nineteen full length LPs to his credit. Part Nick Drake and part Lou Reed, Karl Blau is a throwback folk man. He has worked with a lot of people including fellow K records artist The Microphones and is playing tour dates in Japan this March/April with K Records co-founder Calvin Johnson. As a side note, if you aren’t familiar with K Records then you should check them out. Modest Mouse, Kimya Dawson, The Blow, and a lot of other great bands have released records on K. Plus Kurt Cobain had the K logo tattooed on his arm and mentions them in a song.

Genre bending, blending, mixing, and sampling are not things that are new to artists nowadays. New genres are being created every day and old genres are being morphed to fit to modern bands. That being said, it is difficult to pigeonhole Karl Blau (or any other artist) into a certain genre or blend of genres. Absorbing music of the past and combining it with the calmness of the Pacific Northwest, Nature’s Got Away is an ode to the deep forests and sea breezes of Blau’s home.
That being said, he is not a hippie. Well at least not the kind of hippie Isaac Brock hates He does talk about love and nature, but the references are more whimsical. I have only heard his two albums on K Records but he has a billion more so let’s check them out, shall we?
Kelp Lunacy (his record label) – site doesn’t seem to be up yet
From K Artists

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