The Shivers @ The Pourhouse – Friday, February 6th

The Shivers

Since your Thursday and Saturday are already booked this week, it looks like you need something to do on Friday. Well…you’re in luck! The Pourhouse is putting on a show featuring two local favorites (Red Bird / Sticky and the Bees) and a band from New York City, The Shivers. I have seen Red Bird before and they kick folk ass, so fear not, your three dollars will not be wasted on this one. Also, The Pourhouse makes some damn good brew, and they are a non-for-profit. Double win.
From Facebook:
“The Shivers (from NYC)
Red Bird (from yo mama)
Sticky and the Bees (from yo mama’s mama)
@ The Pourhouse Cafe
Friday, Feb. 6
7:30pm (for real, it’s early. this will not keep you out past your bedtime, nor will it hinder late-night partying)
$3 (that’s so cheap yo mama could come, even though she’s so fat she’d have to pay for three seats)*

“Lead singer (and only permanent member) Keith Zarriello’s voice carries an eerie, mesmerizing eroticism…” – PITCHFORK
(that means it’s gon be HOT!)

Yeah, they are really good, and you know it. They are so good, they don’t even need a “yo mama” joke to get you to come to their show. HOT!
NOTE: Red Bird will be releasing a record very soon, so check back to that myspace page often for more info. You may get to hear some new musics live at this show?

What a bunch of turds… new and improved turds! HOT!
NOTE: Sticky and the Bees will have some new recordings up on their myspace very soon. These recordings are demos of new songs, some of which will be performed at this show. These songs will be included on SatB’s first full-length release entitled “Sticky and the Bees’ Self-Help Songbook”, release date TBA.

*I do not know, nor do I care, if your mother is overweight or obese. This was simply a poor attempt at an unsavory “joke,” which is intended to bring attention to this event. I do not intend to offend you or your mother in any way. Thank you for understanding.”

I don’t write ’em, I just post ’em


~ by masterodisaster on February 2, 2009.

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  1. haha. Thanks for posting this, David.

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