Mustache! Review – 31 January

Falcontamer takes a leap

Well what is there to say about Mustache! It is Adam Turla’s (from Murder by Death) twin cousin’s band (yes, you read correctly). Obviously they are a bit of a joke band. Think Eagles of Death Metal x 4 and you will get Mustache! They are amazing. Rock and roll shenanigans at their finest. Uncle Fester’s was a good choice of venue. All the songs are about drinking, screwing, snakes, and mustaches (obviously). I think I was laughing the whole time, which is always a good sign. They came, drank whiskey, broke strings, and rocked. I also learned not to attempt pull-ups at three in the morning when Sweet Caroline comes on the radio, lest I fall and crack my head open. Thanks Mustache! Come back soon. Check out all my photos on Flickr. They aren’t my finest work, but hey, the lighting sucked, alcohol was involved, and at least I came back with something.


~ by masterodisaster on February 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mustache! Review – 31 January”


    My favorite part: “When Magellan circumnavigated my dick”

  2. “and then they died due to lack of rations”

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